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His parentsUnmarriedNo in-laws
Scot Steven Fagerland
b. 9/03/1971

No wife
Scot Fagerland in 2018 (age 46). Photo by Ashleigh Cahn.

Hi, I’m Scot and this page serves as the root of my family tree.  My interest is ancestral history; I do not keep track of distant cousins here.  This site is open to the public; no login is required.

You have a number of options for navigating this extensive family tree.

You can click “His Parents” above to start climbing the tree of profiles, one generation at a time.

For faster browsing, view the tree a few generations at a time, starting with the Ancestor 1 Tree.

Use this map to browse for our ancestors geographically.

Click here to learn more about ancestral numbering .

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Here is a special portal to our Scandinavian ancestors, which I prepared for my Great Grand Genealogy Tour of 2017:



Using and Understanding This Site

Each profile page is devoted to an ancestral couple in adulthood, with links to “his parents”, “her parents” and “their ancestral child.” For the sake of privacy, I do not include biographic details from the lifetimes of the living.  Thus, you’ll just have to click back at least to my grandparents to find interesting information.

I use Ahnentafel numbering, which is the best way to count, identify, and arrange ancestors.  It starts with me as “Ancestor # 1”.  There is a decimal and a binary version.

In the decimal version,

  • A father’s number is twice as large as his child’s number.
  • A wife’s number is one more than her husband’s number.

In the binary numbering system, every Ahnentafel begins with a 1, which you read as “Scot’s”.  This 1 is then followed by a string of 0’s and 1’s.  As you read them from left to right,

  • Each 0 means “mother’s” or “mother”
  • Each 1 means “father’s” or “father.”

For example, ancestor 1,001,1 is “Scot’s mother’s mother’s father’s father.”  This system is especially useful for navigating quickly to a particular ancestor.  Note that you could also go directly to this page with the format (just insert the correct decimal numbers).

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