Five Fagerland men at Fagerland Farm, Norway, 6/13/17
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Family Trees

I am a highly active amateur genealogist specializing in what I call “augmented ancestral research.” In addition to documenting my ancestors’ names, dates, and places, I collect photographs and any other biographical information that still exists. I then use all this information to reconstruct my ancestors’ life histories as completely as possible. I am developing a family history tree with a profile page for every couple. You’ll want to view this tree first if you are looking for a deep dive into the most recent generations. It is free and does not require membership or login credentials. For that reason, I post minimal information about living relatives. You will not be able to make edits to this tree.


My most complete family tree is on MyHeritage. You’ll want to proceed to this tree if you’d like to

  • Browse our ancestry as far back as possible
  • Find living relatives.
  • Edit the tree

If you are not a MyHeritage member, contact me for access. My niece, Kaitlin Anderson, will help me trace our distant aunts, uncles, and cousins to add to that tree.


Great Grand Genealogy Tours

I have made it a lifelong quest to visit as many ancestral homes, churches, and graves as possible. I organize “Great Grand Genealogy Tours” every few years. I have toured the Western US (2014), the Plains States (2015) and Scandinavia (2017). Here’s the next one, tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2025:

“Great Lakes Greats”: The GGGT of the Midwest

I’ve written up each trip into a book. See or order my GGGT Books. Unfortunately, as self-published print-to-order books, they are expensive.


I am User # 48377457 on (you have to be logged in to find me).

Facebook Groups

I host three Facebook groups for distant relatives, corresponding to three sets of my great-grandparents. Please go to one of these groups and request membership if you are related. Refer your siblings and cousins as well!

Peter Meyer and Lottie Wiltse-Meyer (parental surnames Ackerman, Bartlett)

John Beck and Gertrude Helten-Beck (parental surnames Nosbusch, Mueller)

Peter Korb and Anna Janowski-Korb (parental surnames Gerhartz, Schowalter)

I do not host a group for my great-grandparents Knut Fagerland and Augusta Sandver-Fagerland because there were already related groups on Facebook. I’d refer you to:

Fagerland Family from Karmoy, Norway (Knut’s lineage)

Andersen / Anderson / Sandver / Svare etc. (Augusta’s lineage)