I am a highly active amateur genealogist. I specialize in “augmented ancestral research.” I gather and consolidate pre-existing family trees, and I’ve identified almost 1,000 ancestors. I corroborate family tree information with documentary evidence when possible. I collect photographs and any other biographical information that still exists. I am even on a quest to visit as many ancestral graves as possible. I plan “Great Grand Genealogy Tours” every few years. My next one will be the “Great Lakes Greats” tour in 2022 or ’23. Stay tuned here for updates.

I am developing an online family tree with a profile page for every couple. It is free and does not require membership or login credentials.

See or order my GGGT Books.

I am User # 48377457 on (you have to be logged in to find me).

My main family tree is on MyHeritage. Contact me for access.

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