Moving Sale / Giveaway

I practice the “Decade Rule of Thumb”: I don’t hold onto non-sentimental items longer than a decade. There aren’t a whole lot of decades in a lifetime. I want each one of mine to be fresh and new.

With that being said, I am preparing for a major move, and I have several items of furniture and appliances that have reached the decade mark. This is the perfect time to jettison them. I’m happy to give most of them away for free. I’ve left a few free appliances in the front mailroom at WWV. See free furniture below. I am also selling a couple of AC units, only 2 – 5 years old, because I won’t need them where I’m going.

See my free furniture

Place a bid for a TV, microwave oven, or (2 – 5 year old) air conditioner

Free Furniture

Office chair 1. Very comfortable seat. Visible wear.
Office chair 2. Very comfortable seat. Visible wear.

Auction Sale

These items will be sold to the highest bidder. Please text your bid to 310-729-5168 or email it to [email protected] this October. I will contact the winner in the 1st week of November. You must be available to make your purchase before Veteran’s Day.

Dual-duct AC; “The Giant Robot Monster” (5 years old). Whynter ARC-12SD AC.  12,000 BTU / 6,936 SACC. The large dual hoses makes this unit cool a room faster than the Danby below. Costs $400 new on Amazon. Easy filter, auto-drain, wheels. The plastic slats are not tall enough for the bedroom windows at Westwood Villa.
Single-duct AC (2 years old). Danby DPA120B6WDB-6 air conditioner. 12,000 BTU / 7,400 SACC.  Reconstructed / discontinued model. I bought it two years ago for $350. Easy-clean filter, auto-drain, wheels. Extra long plastic slats to fit the bedroom windows at Westwood Villa.
Insignia 38” TV with wall mount and remote control. Inputs for cable, RCA, HDMI, USB. One decade old.
Sharp microwave oven, bigger than the one provided by Westwood Villa. One decade old.